Monday, August 18, 2008


One of the main money making streams of todays world is undoubtedly the online advertising market. Many people are earning a good living by online advertising.Online advertising has changed the fortune of many Mr. Amit Agarwal of to name a few. Earlier it was only the google adsense program which enabled online advertising for bloggers and mini site owners.But now the situation is quite different.Many number of online advertising programs have come into existent. List of other popular online advertising programs is as follows:
  • GOOGLE ADSENSE: The one which started the first and is still reigning supreme is the google adsense program.Although now google adsense has made its privacy policies quite strict it isnt easy for many to get into adsense program. click here to fill up adsense program
  • CLICKSOR:Another online advertising program next to adsense is clicksor.The main disadvantage is that they are not at all interested in small time web publishers.They accept only content related sites or blogs and one with a large audience.They make payments both via checks and paypal.Through paypal they pay you when you earn a minimum of 20$ while if through checks they make payments only when its reaches a minimum of 50$.click here to visit clicksor
  • CHITIKA:Another program in the list is chitika.It is different from other advertising programs.They show only product related ads.For example if you run a blog on automobiles they will show ads related to only automobiles.If people purchase these products you get paid.This is referred to as impulse marketing in the form of here to visit chitika.
  • BIDVERTISER:Another one is bidvertser.It is an usefull alternative to google.They allow us to modify the look and design of ads to suite our pages.They make payments via paypal when minimum of 10$ and via checks when minimum of 50$.click here to visit bidvertiser
  • WIDGETBUCKS:It is a new ad network.They show shopping ads with a great looking here to visit widgetbucks

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