Monday, November 23, 2009

Alumni Get Together @ GEC SKP

An Alumni Get Together of batches 2003-2009 is going to be held at Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram on the 5 Dec 2010 along with the College Day function.
Students from GEC SKP has come out with a music album which will be released on this very day.The album will be released all over India and Gulf by the famous music company of kerala, East Coast Audios.The music album has been named 'INTERVAL' and will be released in the function which will be held on 5th Dec.
Every one is invited.........

Monday, November 2, 2009


<<-------------GEC SKP (front view)

hey GEC SKP now u look more like a college.......

GEC SKP more like an institution

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It was while we all gathered for our dinner yesterday at our usual place,one glance at Elson and i burst into laughter seeing what he did to his beard.It was  not so funny but still quite funny kind of a scenario.
Have a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Before doing this experiment with his beard,in the eyes of our velimma Elson was a neat and decent fellow.Stunned by what he did,he turned out to be a villian for velimma.She even asked him to wear a ear ring in one of his ears as it will add to his look.




So finally it was the day for onam celebration.Early morning itself i saw a golden haired fellow running to the college.He was none other than our gec skp(c.s.e) representative Mr.Johnpaul a.k.a jonettan,paulettan,chemban,manuthy etc.
Thats him..........
(off the records)Its seems like he gonna kill me when he sees this stuff.

Anyways as usual there was the Pookalam Malsaram for which everyone was busy setting up the Pookalam.The beautifull Pookalam was the result of the dedicated work done by all boys and girls. Although it didnt got the first prize but still it was worth a watch.

The Pookalam can be seen below:

 Everyone was enjoying the occasion-chatting around,taking photographs.At that time Janeesh thought of making the scene a bit interesting by playing a prank.So it was decided.And the first target was K.P.
At the very moment K.P came to us with another plan to make a fool of Akhil(aliyan).Taking him into confidence we sent him inside and moved to the junior class.

The plan was to give K.P a bolt from the blue by making a junior girl propose to him.And the plan clicked.K.P was actually expecting us to make a fool of Akhil when he was suddenly proposed by a junior girl and  given a rose.It was scene,worth a watch.K.P was literally gobsmacked.

Same prank was played on Elson .But the reaction was a bit unexpected.He was'nt too much shocked. 

Quite different was the case with Vipin.He saw a guy coming towards himself.Since he was sitting among girls he expected, it might be for some girls,but was knocked for six when all of a sudden it was given to him.

Then after sometime it can be seen that most of the guys were busy giving rose to girls.It almost felt as if it was some rose day.Every one was busy with a rose in their hand.

Then it was the arrival of the mavelli and the party.The guy dressed as the mavelli was a junior and they were accompanied by two guys dressed as tiger(pulli).The whole scenario was worth a watch.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A MUST READ............

The images shown below were mailed to me by a friend.Seeing these images made me think Who is the real "ANIMAL",is it we the humans?? 
do comment.....

This is me............A Baby Seal

Norway and Canada have a new kind of tourism.Killing Baby Seals!!!!!!!!.They call it hunting and its a sport.

You want to call this a sport????

Is he a sportsman?????

Why????...You our only HOPE!!!!!

 Please let it stop.This barbarism
should'nt be possible in our 

Don't turn your back on us,we are defenseless,
we have no guns,please help us!!!!

I know these images seem painful,for u
but we feel the pain....!!!
We are being slaughtered by ruthless people
and its RIGHT NOW.....!!!!

What gives him right to kill us.Who is he to decide about life and death.

What kind of sport is this???I did'nt harm anyone...I was just swimming around doing nothing and now i am dead

Please help me and my friends.....!!!!!!!

  You just can't ignore these images......Keeping silent and doing nothing makes you guilty...

Please help us..!!!!



Please don't leave us alone..!!!


You can make a statement by referring this issue to as many people u can.Bring these murderers to the attention of world leaders.
Thank you......


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The internet has already revolutionized our lives and now this sensory internet is another feather in its hat.Scientists are working on a new form of internet which would make internet more interactive than its present form.

Let me give you an example.Suppose you are shopping online for perfumes and you want to smell its fragrance than what you need to do is just log onto the manufacturer's site and request him for a smell preview.The computer would then ask you to download a file that would contain special sequence of byte code for the printer.So in order to get a smell you need to get print out of the code and smell it.Strange..............but true...........................

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This time it will be our last Onam Celebration together.So although the S6 examination has been declared on 9th september and the vacations are declared it was decided that the Onam celebrations will take place on 26th august.Everyone was quite interested in the celebrations inspite of the examination, cause it is the last time.

So C u after the celebrations..................................................

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So finally the time has arrived.Its our last year at GEC Sreekrishnapuram.After that God knows who will be where.So trying to celebrate every possible moment we can, at GEC SKP in the midst of internal exams,projects and university exams.