Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So finally it was the day for onam celebration.Early morning itself i saw a golden haired fellow running to the college.He was none other than our gec skp(c.s.e) representative Mr.Johnpaul a.k.a jonettan,paulettan,chemban,manuthy etc.
Thats him..........
(off the records)Its seems like he gonna kill me when he sees this stuff.

Anyways as usual there was the Pookalam Malsaram for which everyone was busy setting up the Pookalam.The beautifull Pookalam was the result of the dedicated work done by all boys and girls. Although it didnt got the first prize but still it was worth a watch.

The Pookalam can be seen below:

 Everyone was enjoying the occasion-chatting around,taking photographs.At that time Janeesh thought of making the scene a bit interesting by playing a prank.So it was decided.And the first target was K.P.
At the very moment K.P came to us with another plan to make a fool of Akhil(aliyan).Taking him into confidence we sent him inside and moved to the junior class.

The plan was to give K.P a bolt from the blue by making a junior girl propose to him.And the plan clicked.K.P was actually expecting us to make a fool of Akhil when he was suddenly proposed by a junior girl and  given a rose.It was scene,worth a watch.K.P was literally gobsmacked.

Same prank was played on Elson .But the reaction was a bit unexpected.He was'nt too much shocked. 

Quite different was the case with Vipin.He saw a guy coming towards himself.Since he was sitting among girls he expected, it might be for some girls,but was knocked for six when all of a sudden it was given to him.

Then after sometime it can be seen that most of the guys were busy giving rose to girls.It almost felt as if it was some rose day.Every one was busy with a rose in their hand.

Then it was the arrival of the mavelli and the party.The guy dressed as the mavelli was a junior and they were accompanied by two guys dressed as tiger(pulli).The whole scenario was worth a watch.

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